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Life before the 5000 Mile Project:

MSc in Ecology. Worked as an Ecology consultant & then as an agri-environmental advisor, RSPB, UK.  Managed a remote bush camp, Luangwa Valley, Zambia & surveyed plants in Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa. Then set sail to survey seabirds….

Nationality? British, but born in Zimbabwe
Likes? Food! Especially clotted cream, homemade jam & scones. Ah and Devon (home) also Scotland & books
Dislikes? Lights in the countryside- we lose our stars
Passion?  Natural world, wildlife, wild places…….
When did you start running? About 17- in the fields, through the woods & over the hills…
 Preferred Distance? On, on, on, on…
 Preferred Terrain? Mountains, moors, woodlands; the muddier& hillier the better!
Favourite Running quote? “Success depends on what you have in your head and your heart; the less you have in your backpack the better”. Richard Askwith
Favourite run? ‘Exmoor Stagger’- one of my favourite places in the world
Favourite Book? Song of the Rolling Earth, John Lister-Kaye, everything by Roald Dahl! & The Peregrine, E. A. Baker
Favourite Film? Triplettes de BelleVille, ColdComforFarm
Favourite personality? David Attenborough- of course!
What will you miss most from home when running  the 5000mileproject? Sitting on my horse, hedgerows and the stupendous diversity of the British countryside
Which of your strengths will ensure you’ll succeed? Dogged determination, will not give up
What is your “achilles heel”? Roads! Much prefer running off road…

 Running CV

  • 4 Inns Race, 45miles  . . . . 3 times!
  • Grizzly, 20 miles on cliffs and beaches
  • Chevvy Chase, 20miles, 4000ft ascent, 3rd woman
  • Exmoor Stagger, 15.1miles, moorland and woodland, 3627 ascent
  • Castles and Islands Challenge, 30miles run, 56nm sailing, 24hrs
  • Belvoir Challenge, 26miles, mud


Life before the 5000 Mile Project:

Graduated in Business Studies in 2000 and worked for eight years as a management consultant for a global consultancy firm before heading to sea to pursue more active environmental work ….

Nationality? British
Likes? Wilderness. And Sailing (sometimes!), and our floating home, s/v Lista Light,
Dislikes? The thought of sharing the planet with 9bn people by 2050
Passion?  My wife. of course….are you still there dear?
When did you start running? at 4yrs old, I ran away from playschool, my mum caught me up on the road and took me home. I dug a hole to celebrate
Preferred Distance? Long! Of course!
Preferred Terrain? Flat
Favourite Running quote? “if it’s not hard its probably not worth doing” 
Favourite run? “Castles and Islands” in my home county of Northumberland, sailing and running challenge
Favourite Book? “Wind, Sand and Stars” Antoine de St. Expury
Favourite Film? Forest Gump. Actually not at all but I suspect we’ll get plenty of those sorts of comments on the way!!
Favourite personality? Charlie (Prince). Good egg, wants to use his position in the public domain to persuade people to take sensible decisions on the environment, not just to buy make up products. . . mind you his Duchy label Lemon shortcake is ultra good
What will you miss most from home when running  the 5000mileproject? having a pint or two of english beer with friends, and a bag of pork scratchings
Which of your strengths will ensure you’ll succeed? I like to laugh, a sense of humour will be required no doubt . . .
What is your “achilles heel”? my achilles heel. Taking advice on whether to wear insets or not

 Running CV

  • 4 Inns in Yorkshire – 45miles fell race
  • Scottish Islands Peaks Race  – sailing and fell running, 11500ft ascent, 160nm
  • Grizzly – coastal, but dont underestimate
  • Northumeberland Coastal Run – flat and fast
  • Castles and Islands – sailing and beach running

If you would like a more complete and conventional curriculum vitae (CV) then please use the contact us page to mail us your request, thank you.


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