Extension Materials

Below are a series of Worksheets for 7-11 year olds to use as extension materials.

They are designed to reinforce learning and bring subjects alive by linking to the 5000mileproject expedition and the sights and sounds of South America.

Each Worksheet includes:

  • Introductory page: Teacher Part A Guidelines including:
    • Subject Code
    • Target Age Range Code
    • Geographical Scope Code Materials Applicable to Schools in: The World, Europe, Americas or UK
    • Time Estimate Code
    • Worksheet Goals
    • Mapping to Syllabus (The worksheets are based on the UK syllabus but can be used by other countries)
    • Indication as to what the pupils will learn/practice through the worksheet
    • Required Background; the skills required to undertake the worksheet
    • Required Materials to undertake the worksheet
  • Teacher Part B Activity Answers
  • Students’ Pages:
    • Info box on how the Worksheet connects with the 5000mileproject
    • “Stuff you’ll Learn”
    • Activities

First you will need the Worksheet Template Icon which explains the Codes: Click Here


Click below for Downloadable Worksheets:

Sc KS2 Worksheet 1 Bird Survey

Sc KS2 Worksheet 2 Plant Processes

Sc KS2 Worksheet 3 Plant Pollination

Sc KS2 Worksheet 4 Shelter



Click below for Downloadable Worksheets:

Ma KS2 Worksheet 1 Navigation

Ma KS2 Worksheet 2 Units of Measure

Ma KS2 Worksheet 3 Scheduling






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