David and Katharine will finally cross the border into VENEZUELA from the Amazon of Brazil in July 2013, head over the Guiana shield, into desert scrub and finally the Caribbean Sea!

Venezuela has extraordinary biological diversity within its Orinoco & Amazon rainforests.

The Guiana Highlands; ancient sandstone table-top mountains,”Tepui”, rise like lost cities from the rainforest and sustain unique endemic flora and fauna.

Venezuela’s Angel Falls, at 979m, is the highest waterfall on earth.

The Orinoco River meanders in a huge arc through rainforest and the vast savannah grasslands or ‘llanos’ of Venezuela.

Venezuela’s endemic species include: violet-chested hummingbird, fiery squirrel, Venezuelan forest pit viper, demonic poison frog, diamond tetra fish & Caracas walnut.

Population of c. 29, 500, 000, with a 1.6% growth rate & 90% of the population living in cities.

95% of Venezuela’s economy is based on the export of petroleum.

Venezuela’s capital city, Caracas, is ranked among the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world.

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