Why Sponsor Us

To make this venture a success we are looking for your support. We want to create an incredible journey that will inspire and connect people, and we want to make a huge donation to our selected conservation charity as a result of this sponsored run



Why Sponsor Us?

  • We are Pioneering, Professional, Physically & mentally determined.

  • We have a proven track record  working internationally with different cultures and in challenging environments e.g. Zambia, Caribbean, South Africa, USA & Europe

  • We’re determined to succeed and are investing our own savings to prove our commitment



  • Initiated managed & successfully delivered the first ever seabird census of the Eastern Caribbean (2009-2010)
  • Sailed 3,163 sea miles, surveyed 200 islands for 16 nations
  • Recorded 18 species and over 200,000 breeding seabirds
  • Delivered 89 presentations & trainings workshops to 2,148 governments, NGOs, universities and schools
  • Featured in 100+ TV and radio interviews and printed articles
  • Publishing Seabird Atlas at the end of 2011
  • (link to website- quotes- Judy, Wingate, Wege etc.)


  • David formally was an executive for Management Consultancy firm Accenture, where he spent 8 years
  • Katharine was an Agri-Environmental Advisor for the RSPB, a national conservation organisation

Physically & Mentally Determined


  • 15,000 mile circumnavigation of South America on our 50′ live-aboard sailing ship Lista Light
  • One Trans Atlantic crossing, two Pacific crossings
  • Now closing on Cape Horn, in the world’s most dangerous sea, the Southern Ocean
  • CLICK HERE for the Lista Light Website

Running & Cycling

  • Four Inns fell race- 45 mile run, 7000ft ascent- x3
  • Castles and Islands Challenge- 30 mile run, 56 mile sail- 1st x2
  • Chevy Chase fell race- 20 mile run, 4000 ft ascent- x1, Katharine 3rd woman
  • Cycled 1000 miles- 10 days, France- Pyrenees- Spain

Survival Training

  • Bolivian rainforest- 2 weeks- unguided, unsupported, a crazy idea
  • Cutting new path with machete, setting up camps each night
  • 30 kg packs- all food and equipment

Running Test

  •  15 miles/day for 6 days- beaches & roads- Caribbean tropics



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