‘The Pioneers take the arrows, the settlers take the land’.

Dave found this quote the other day, by Amory Lovins, on his fantastic Rocky Mountain Institute website.

We’re feeling a bit like that the pioneers at the moment! We’re pretty sure no one has done anything like the 5000 mile project before. We’re going to have to shed a lot of tears and sweat; nurture some monumental blisters; pound our joints into the road and run fast to dodge the arrows! And we want to give a great dollop of money to our conservation charity so that they can buy land and secure it as wild forever, in the hands of local communities.

But even the ‘run-up’ is painful! I find today that I am shedding tears as abundant as the Iguacu Falls! After days of snatches of sleep filled with dreams of an endless road stretching to the stars and of grant applications forms that fill our boat and extend for miles in our wake, I am losing all sense of proportion! So tonight, I’ll switch off this screen and listen for the snuffle of a South American sea lion or the screech of a slender billed parakeet instead. Because they’re what it’s really all about.




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