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ipadio: Hear Dave and Kath’s daily phlog – 12th phonecast

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Coming up: Section 5, this should be interesting..!

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We are currently minutes away from resuming the run, and what happens next promises to be interesting. Last week we had to cross to Argentina to bypass the Campo Hielo Sur (Southern Ice Field) , a dramatic natural barrier which literally slices through Chile and makes the country only pasable by 3 day ferry overland via Argentina. We are bound to the Argentina route, nevermind the extra kilometers we have had to run! But now we have a difficult choice, head over a very rural pathway to cross back into Chile as far South as possible with the risk of having to return to argentina if any of a...

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Camouflage: The magical disappearing act of the least seedsnipe!

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Key words: Camouflage, Pampas, Chile, Argentina, Least Seedsnipe Yesterday we were running through a very flat landscape of yellows, browns and dark greens. Tussocky spiky grasses and low thorny scrub stretched into the horizon with pebbles and boulders for miles. This is the Pampas- the grassland and shrubland of southern Chile and Argentina. A wild place at the bottom of the earth where the wind blows at hurricane force and snow and ice lingers for months. You wouldn’t think that very much could live here would you- in this very cold, howling and dry place? But things do! You just...

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Quick Update: Hitting our heads against a wifi wall!

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Having problems connecting to wifi at the moment…sorry for the sloth-like email responses and updates. Basically we’re hitting our heads against the wall trying.. but not succeeding. On the road we had ice and snow; which froze everything including the pans, laptop, our fingers and well our brians… But the main problem now is internet access, as we have loads of news to share, photos, videos….just trying to figure out how on earth to get it out there in the next 24 hours! For the time being here is oa photo of our constant companions- in odour rather than sight,...

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Section 4 Chile to Argentina: quicky in numbers

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According to the plan we laid out for the first month we should be running machines by now, easily chewing up 100 mile weeks – are we? The last section has been a real challenge for our bodies, yet again forced to take 10 days worth of supplies for a lack of replenishment opportunities permeate these out-of-the-way places we are meandering through. There are simply no shops to buy food.  So instead of taking rest days within the running sections we have asked our pleading feet to run the 152 miles non-stop. It took 8 days. 139 miles in the last week, including a rural border crossing...

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