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Comsumption o Consumicion?!

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“The Story of Stuff” Check out this website, ver este sitio web: It is a fantastic incite into the human being’s consumption addiction in English with Spanish subtitles. Esta chica pelicula es fantastico- un ojo de la consumicion de ser humano! En ingles con subtitles en espanol. And this is the website y el sitio...

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Humbling experiences in a weighty 24 hours

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How a day can change your perspective. Yesterday we arrived running through the traffic and hustle into Bariloche. We had pre-arranged a meeting with a friend of a friend to facilitate media and education as we have so little time to pass through places. To explain how this works a little, basically we contact a friend (at times they may not even know they are a friend yet!!), ask them an awful lot of favours, and more often than not they make incredible things happen, for no payment, just pure generosity with time and resources. So far we have been people have been incredibly warm,...

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Spring cleaning in preparation for new climatic conditions

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Chile is dead, long live Argentina!! Of course we are sorry to leave the cool conditions we know well, but it does give us a chance to clean out the bags and get rid of a lot of our gear for surviving a bitterly cold Patagonian winter living in a tent! Noticeably the conditions are changing, we haven’t had snow for a month and Spring has long sprung! Like the flora and fauna around us we need to adapt to the new hot and dry conditions we will be facing and shed superfluous gear.  So what’s in and what’s out as the perform our crysyllis to butterfly metamorphosis? (or should...

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The “draw” of the trailer!

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When we were planning the expedition, Dave spent hours researching possible methods for “lumping” all our gear. Oh to run, light, without a load! In reality, this would just not  be possible. In Patagonia for example, we often had to food provision for up to 8 days. There were no shops, no people, often no houses and our bodies were and still are certainly demanding; up to 4,000 calories per day! The 5000mileproject is about running, but for us running would be nothing, if it were not for the incredible wild places we can explore. So we need laptops to write articles and blogs...

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