Meeting schools and children along the road…

One of our favourite parts of the running day:

Running with school children whom we meet along the road; giving presentations about the run and the natural world; meeting with the students, teachers and head teachers and learning more about the countries we´re running through..



School of Business No: 5009, Rosario de La Frontera, northern Argentina.

 Thank you Head Teacher Graciela and all the students!

With our book and the Head Teacher Graciela after the presentation

We´ve just run into Bolivia and have met with two rural schools on the road from Yacuiba to Santa Cruz, presenting to children from 4 to 14 years old.

Ivicuati School, southern Bolivia

Thank you Head Teacher Carmen and all the students!

Some of the younger members of Ivicuati School, Southern Bolivia


Salinas School, southern Bolivia

Thank you Head Teacher Jorge and all the students!


Running with school children in Bolivia



Running with school children in northern Argentina

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