The Independent Blog: Eight marathons in eight days and we are in the Caribbean Sea after running 6,504 miles across South America

Fifteen months ago, just as the Olympic gun resonated through the streets of London, bracing ourselves against a blizzard at the southerly-most point of continental South America, we began our race to run the length of the continent. Ever since, we have been pulling our trailer, day-on-day, through ice, snow, hurricane-force winds, over 45°C heat, nearly 100 per cent …


IT’S OVER, we’ve crossed the finishline!! 14 months, 23 days, 19 hours, 24 minutes, & 6,504 miles (10.467km) later we have ARRIVED!!! Carupano, Venezuela, Caribbean Sea. ESTA ACABADO, fin de la carrera! Despues 14 meses, 23 dias, 19 horas, 24 minutos, & 6,504 millas (10.467km), hemos llegada!!! Carupano, Venezuela, El mar del caribe.