Second trailer being born today

We have arrived in Humaita,  small town which marks both the end of  week long slog, and the start of what will probably be he hardest stretch we will face on the expedition, crossing the Amazon Rainforest Part1!

The last days have been fairly dull from a running perspective due to deforestation by the roadside leaving us horribly exposed to the sun and far from the forest line where the interest lies. Gentle undulation and the odd stream did little to break the monotony. The 210km stretch, fully paved, was memorable only for a couple of nights staying in little farmsteads on the way and sharing coffee and frothing milk direct for the cow in the mornings!

Now to the task at hand – in 24hrs we will depart for the Amazon rainforest proper – a 650km stretch with scant civilisation, a road which is regarded as un-passable and a mountain of provisions to pack. We are buying more supplies today, and already it is too much for the trailer, especially on the rough road, never mind the runners. There is nothing else for it, another trailer will have to be spawned today . . . !

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