Finding a new gear as the rain finally catches us!

Manaus to Boa Vista

Miles (kms):  479  (770)     |       Days running:     22      |          Days of Rain:     16

Biggest Week, miles (kms):  165    (265)                            |           Biggest Day, miles (kms): 30    (48)

Miles (kms)  run to date:  5,718  (9,202)                           |          Remaining:   744   (1.198)

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 We´ve been skirting the rains for the last 6 months, just finding the right line between wet and dry conditions as we´ve run North. But, just as our friends Ze Luis and Mario of Manaus had warned, as we passed north of the Amazon River we stepped right slap-bang into the middle of the rainy season! Running in between profuse tropical downpours has presented challenges for us but overall actually seems to suit us Brits, and as a result we have stepped up our mileages.  At first we tried to work around the deluges, now we just jettison some clothing and run through! So great progress has been made and we are a happy crew arriving into Boa Vista, our last Brazilian pitstop to dry out.

It is fantastic to be resting a day or two, but running is replaced with internet work and media-stirring to raise awareness of our charities, and I have to confess any amount of running miles, in just about any conditions, would be preferable to this! We argue more in conurbations where our simple but gruelling running regime is interrupted by what others regard as ¨real life¨.  Wi-Fi signal comes and goes, power-cuts offer a respite and we make and break rules about using the laptop in our bedroom. Our feathers are ruffled by non-physical stresses!

The running is not all plain sailing though and heat and humidity continue unabated, something we will be looking to lose as we run up and over the Guiana shield next week (into Venezuela, our LAST country!!). The humidity brings back prickly heat on a daily basis which is somewhat like an invisible foe jabbing one with hypodermic needles in purely random places, and of course the inevitable rubs in sweaty places can be super-uncomfortable. As can tripping on catseyes, as poor Katharine did a couple of days ago . . .

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