Book a LIVE Chat

So you have been using the Extension Materials, reading the blogs and the pupils are excited and now you want to get a bit more involved? That’s great, we’d love to talk with you all, so please contact us on the form below and we’ll work with you to schedule a LIVE Chat from the roadside of the 5000mileproject!

Depending on where we are and what technology you have in the classroom the options range from a conference call Q&A to a video conference via Skype.

Just so you that you are aware of the limitations, our connectivity ranges from voice-only Iridium satellite phonecalls to full mobile broadband depending on our location, so its just a matter of scheduling. Obviously given the costs this incurs for the project we will prioritise classes and schools who have been really involved so get your pupils to fire in some questions and complete some worksheets and let’s get started!

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