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An additional running trailer is spawned!

Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Gear and Equipment, Running | 0 comments

Due to the logistics of the next stage, from Humaitá to Manaus, we have had to temporarily adopt another running trailer. We used recycled materials again, in the same vein as the last, and stuck with bamboo construction.  Key differences for this one are the use of bicycle forks, rather then the rear section of the bike (they can be put back into service again later by somebody else), and the bamboo is enormous!! Thanks to Iriney, hotel owner (and professional footballer in Spain I later found out), and the good folk of Humaitá bike shop for donating the materials. We plan to use the...

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Problemon, wet wipes are out!

Posted by on Feb 24, 2013 in Gear and Equipment, Running | 0 comments

Click here to find a “recipe” for homemade 100% ecofriendly wetwipes!! Good for a tight budget, too! Since we left San Carlos de Bariloche, approximately 1,200 miles away, we have passed less than a handful of rivers on our route – it’s incredibly dry this side of the Andes mountain range, living in the world’s biggest rain-shadow! When we are lucky enough to pass a river that actually contains water in it, often it is adorned with the label “Rio Salado” or salt river. The heavily silt and salt-laden waters forge their way to the sea, but they...

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Back to work blues, a new fan and new sleeping arrangements

Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in Gear and Equipment, Running | 0 comments

Back-to-work blues. Our planned weekend-break off our route to renew Argentinian visas, check on our floating home in Uruguay and renew certain kit items turned into a 12 day mega-break (escape?) from the running, breaking all my spreadsheets and plans for a big January total, such ill-discipline! Our bodies were screaming for break after 25-weeks of nearly 100-mile weeks and in the end we bowed to wisdom and took some time out. The consequences of this break and the news we relayed in the newsletter as to the true distance of the challenge growing by 20% will have repercussions on our tight...

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Weight Savings

Posted by on Jan 26, 2013 in Gear and Equipment, Running | 0 comments

With temperatures hitting 40 degrees C and set to rise as we trudge northwards through Argentina’s northernmost provinces…  reducing the weight of the trailer is becoming even more important- it’s just too hot and uncomfortable pulling it to add an iota more. Plus when we stop we are both drowning in our own sweat and so need to wear the lightest of clothes so as not to offend passing motorists with anything less…..  Thus is launched new from the 5000mileproject’s  trailer range, “Silk-liner combo dress”!! Serves for sleeping and wearing purposes-...

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Satphone glitch silences us

Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Gear and Equipment, Running | 0 comments

unfortunately a glitch with our Satellite phone provider has meant we have been cut off, silenced, muted, quelled, cessated, smothered. Hoorah we hear you say! Peace at least. Reather disappointing for us but nevermind, whilst we work out how to resolve the issue (which means we need to be sent a new SIM card to the middle of nowhere) fear not the progress continues. Today we have a smidgen of internet access (each page takes 8 minutes to load, really!) so we can share a little of our new world before the machine grinds to a halt for 4 hours over the siesta period, perhaps never to resume...

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Spring cleaning in preparation for new climatic conditions

Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Alternative Energy, Gear and Equipment, Survival | 0 comments

Chile is dead, long live Argentina!! Of course we are sorry to leave the cool conditions we know well, but it does give us a chance to clean out the bags and get rid of a lot of our gear for surviving a bitterly cold Patagonian winter living in a tent! Noticeably the conditions are changing, we haven’t had snow for a month and Spring has long sprung! Like the flora and fauna around us we need to adapt to the new hot and dry conditions we will be facing and shed superfluous gear.  So what’s in and what’s out as the perform our crysyllis to butterfly metamorphosis? (or should...

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