Spring cleaning in preparation for new climatic conditions

Chile is dead, long live Argentina!! Of course we are sorry to leave the cool conditions we know well, but it does give us a chance to clean out the bags and get rid of a lot of our gear for surviving a bitterly cold Patagonian winter living in a tent! Noticeably the conditions are changing, we haven’t had snow for a month and Spring has long sprung! Like the flora and fauna around us we need to adapt to the new hot and dry conditions we will be facing and shed superfluous gear.  So what’s in and what’s out as the perform our crysyllis to butterfly metamorphosis? (or should that be caterpillar to crysslyllis?!!



Specialist winter clothing (feathers, thermals, winter socks, gloves, gore-tex hats etc), Chilean Wildlife Book, customised 2-man Bivvy Bag plus much more . . . .









Specialist water filter (instead of too much water we will have too little!), 2*10L water bags, short sleeved shirts, tarp for protecting the tent against sun, more solar power now that we can see the sun!





Big spanish verbs book – source of some marital discontent!! our spanish is coming along but although we rarely have time to use this great big chunky A4 book because of a triad of factors (namely eating, sleeping, running!) it feels too soon to let our crutch go, perhaps it’s just pyschological. In the interests of avoiding an expensive divorce the plan, more-or-less agreed upon,  is to learn a chapter then commit an act of herecy, cut out said chapter and throw it away! for book lovers this is too much to bear, but I trust they are sufficiently techno-phobic that will never read this post, bless them.



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