The “draw” of the trailer!

When we were planning the expedition, Dave spent hours researching possible methods for “lumping” all our gear.

Oh to run, light, without a load!

In reality, this would just not  be possible. In Patagonia for example, we often had to food provision for up to 8 days. There were no shops, no people, often no houses and our bodies were and still are certainly demanding; up to 4,000 calories per day!

The 5000mileproject is about running, but for us running would be nothing, if it were not for the incredible wild places we can explore. So we need laptops to write articles and blogs and present to schools, books to identify species, clothes, satellite comms……….. The cargo at times weighs in at 80kg. Backpacks are not an option. Even the small backpack we took turns in carrying at the start of the expedition, containing our binoculars, waterproofs and a few snacks, was tiresome.

Thus Dave conjured up our trailer, or “carrito” (“trolley) as it is called in these parts. But what we had not imagined was the interest it would engender!

Whether trotting down gravel roads, farm roads, main roads, town or city roads; motorists crane their necks to catch a glimpse of the rare species bearing down on them!  Being made from recycled and found materials, it also provides a perfect talking point about out project and ecological aims and the perfect prop for people to feel what running with the trailer is all about…

Our verdict: down hill bad, up hill bad, flat good!

And so we will soon be launching a naming competition for our unexpected, but invaluable third tame mate!!!….Please send us ideas!


  1. The children pulling your trailer is sensational! Ellen’s trailer name: My Little Mule
    Jim’s trailer name: R2D2

  2. Fausto Coppi OK, a cyclist. But he used 2 wheels as well.

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