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Posted by on Jun 18, 2020 in Conservation, Mammals, Wildlife Moment Of The Week | 0 comments

A sick hedgehog joined our growing menagerie on Wednesday. I haven’t seen one close up for years, only a few unfortunate squashed individuals on the doorstep. It was the archetypal ‘Mrs Tiggywinkle’ with sparkling eyes and a wet snuffling nose. Well that was on day two, on day two it looked totally dejected. It quickly rolled into a ball when we picked it up, displaying it’s wonderful anti-predation tactic. This evolutionary behaviour is ingenious, but doesn’t outwit a car. Being given this...

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The Ultimate Marathoners Return to the UK!

Posted by on Aug 9, 2014 in Birds, Conservation, Wildlife Moment Of The Week | 0 comments

Imagine running a marathon day after day. How about running six marathons a day for six weeks?! Well it may not be humanly possible, but as you walk to your local shop, to the allotments or playing fields, you could be in the presence of an animal that has done exactly that; the barn swallow. Travelling over 6,500 miles from its wintering grounds in southern Africa: threading through ancient trees in the Congo rainforest, under the gaze of African grey parrots, lowland gorillas and forest elephants; slicing over the rolling dunes of the Sahara...

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Why did we Choose to Run South America?

Posted by on Nov 20, 2013 in Big Toe Blog, Big Toe Noticeboard, Birds, Mammals, Waddle on the Wildside, Wildlife Moment Of The Week, YouTube Channel | 0 comments

We chose to run South America because we thought we might only be able to run such a very long way, 6504 miles, once in our lives. And in that case, it would have to be the most wildlife and plant rich place in the world. With the largest tropical rainforest, the biggest river, longest mountain chain, most bird, monkey and amphibian species and so much more… it was very clear, South America it had to be! We got to know some amazing wildlife and wildlands along the way, including snakes, giant anteaters and guanacos. So why not check out...

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Q. What is the craziest animal you have ever seen?

Posted by on Sep 15, 2013 in Big Toe Blog, Mammals, Questions, Wildlife Moment Of The Week | 0 comments

Thanks Master Elithorn from Farnham for that question! Well, it´s good timing too, because we were running through Brazil the other day and what we saw blew our minds!!! A Giant Anteater! They live in all sorts of habitats but  in many places they are not doing well at the moment. It is easiest to find them in savanna which is a habitat that has long grasses and some gnarly trees. They are such a crazy creature, check out his nose!!  Why not watch the video . . .then we have a question for YOU! Can you think what he normally eats (HINT:...

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Survival – March of the Insects

Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Running, Wildlife Moment Of The Week | 1 comment

Clouds of butterflies, armies of leaf-cutter ants, stinging wasps, tiny black or yellow salt loving bees, swarms of midges and batallions of termites. These have been our chief companions over the past couple of weeks, whilst running through the steaming heat of northern Bolivia. Butterflies “boozing” on the salt on our clothes! When I say, “companions”, the leaf-cutters, if truth be told, have been more foe than friend. It seems that leaves are not the only fodder they like to march home with to grow their...

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“Have you seen an Anaconda or any other snakes?”

Posted by on May 4, 2013 in Big Toe Blog, Questions, Survival, Wildlife Moment Of The Week | 1 comment

Question from six year old Tommy of Dulverton Somerset, UK. Thank you for asking Tommy! You´ve asked a very popular question. Lots of people are interested in snakes and the species (types) we are seeing. So here goes……..! The Answer: NO & YES+ VIDEO BELOW!!! YES: Now that we are in the Tropics and running through the enormous Amazon Basin we see a snake almost everyday.  Unfortunately, 90% of the time they are squished on the road by the passing traffic.   Snakes are fascinating and we both love watching them. I...

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Our new long-shiny-nosed office colleague

Posted by on Apr 21, 2013 in Armonía, Birds, Wildlife Moment Of The Week | 0 comments

We’re sitting in the office of Armonía (our Bolivian bird & wildlife charity). We’re tapping articles, uploading photos, compiling school presentations and catching up on all the tasks we dream about doing as we run. We always plan to achieve so much after the daily 20 mile slog, but after finding a home for the night hidden from the road under a tree, after rigging up our mosquito net or the hammocks, cooking and noting the day’s birds, mammal and road-kill sightings, we usually fall into a heap and wish sleep would...

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Tropical explained!

Posted by on Apr 2, 2013 in Big Toe Blog, Smelly Trainer Facts | 0 comments

So far we have run 3,300 miles from the temperate or cold zones in the deep South of South America, full of snow and penguins, through the dry and desertified zones of the sub-tropical belt in Argentina, where water was hard to find and the cactus grew in sandy soil, and today we are officially in the Tropics! But what does it really mean? Watch this video to explain a little more… :   We passed the Tropic of Capricorn and are now between this line and the Tropic of Cancer line. Between the two lines the Equator, that is the middle...

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Road-side Reptile Surprise

Posted by on Jan 26, 2013 in Conservation, Wildlife Moment Of The Week | 0 comments

As Ecologists, it’s difficult not to stop counting, especially when running and so we undertake daily wildlife surveys, rubbish transects, invasive species and road-kills counts.  The data informs our mega transect. It is all added to our rapidly sprouting spread-sheets and shared with local and national interest groups, informs blogs and will be sent to various online biological data banks. But yesterday whilst running towards Lujan (c. 80 miles north of San Luis) we had the biggest shock yet. BIG is certainly apt. Never before have...

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Burrowing Parrots in the Desert

Posted by on Dec 9, 2012 in Birds, Wildlife Moment Of The Week | 0 comments

When you think of parrots, what do you see? Bright colours, squawking calls, luscious rainforests…. The first two definitely apply to the screeching, colourful flocks flying over us, but the last; NOT. Here in one of the most menacingly arid and hostile lands either of us have run through; where thorns the size of chop-sticks threaten to skewer a badly placed step; where rivers are dust; the soil is crunchy and tormenting winds curdle and spit out of nowhere. Here where you would think nothing should live; certainly not choose to live....

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