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Kit List

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For people interested in what the expedition kit list looks like there here it is, warts and all, and our current status in assembling it as of 1200 today. I had wanted to include a full listing of weights etc for real kit nerds but will do so once everything is finally assembled. Each gram counts enormously…. and every brand has been targetted because they provide the very best-of-breed gear in their field, and we thank them hugely for being involved. Woops! An eagle eye will notice there are still a couple of key gaps – or areas where we have yet to receive funding with less...

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Sods law. Katharine dropped her sunglasses off the side of the boat – nothing unusual in that (we are cursed with sunglasses )– it happens a lot unfortunately. They were cheap of course but have now become rubbish too (they always were, but now they are officially “litter” on the riverbed by our boat) and therefore we conjured a plan to collect them. Two vital pieces of context before we continue are that a) we are hopeless fishermen – we couldn’t catch a cold as the saying goes….. and b) our evenings have been plagued by strange sounds coming from the loo recently – grunts...

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