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A major nod from the Transglobe Expedition Trust!

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It’s not everyday you get a nod from a personal hero…. today just that happened. The Transglobe Expedition Trust have given us a grant towards running the logistics of the 5000 Mile Project and we are elated!   One of the first books I ever read properly was “Living Dangerously” by Ranulph Feinnes, whose Trangslobe expedition of ’79-’82 is the primogenitor of this the Transglobe Expedition Trust. The former SAS man himself, the only man to have been to both poles, the summit of everest and trimmed off his own frostbitten fingers, is the President. The...

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60 Second Tour of the route

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Click on the map below to bring up a 60 second video of the 5000 miles we will follow through South America!!!!  

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Head Over Heels!

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Fantastic News!!! The John Muir Trust has awarded us a, ‘Bill Wallace Grant’! The John Muir Trust is one of the leading wild land conservation charities in the UK. They protect 115,000 hectares of some of Scotland’s finest rugged heather and wood-clad glens and moorland, through ownership, partnership and local communities. Bill Wallace was a stalwart of the John Muir Trust, who made a huge contribution towards increasing awareness of the need to safeguard wild places both in Scotland and overseas. He followed John Muir’s actions, “Do something for wildness – and make...

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We all have them: Flat, podgy, arched, bunioned, blistered, soft or smelly…. FEET Whether trotting on stilettoes or shovelled into wellington boots they are rarely ‘nude’; 100% on show.  But what I had not really considered was that at one stage, back in our dim tuber/impala-guzzling past, they were splendid leathery tools, pounding the savannah and streaking across plains. Enter, ‘Bare Foot Running’. Now read, “Born to Run”, by Christopher McDougall. Score: A**** It’s altered all my preconceptions about those fleshy ‘plates of meat’ at the end of my legs and...

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Dogs, man’s best friend? Not always . . .

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Our training ran into a problem last night. . . Dogs!!! We set off later than planned and ended up heading out through the suburbs of Juan Lacaze in the night time. As a runner you create a level of unwanted attention at all times, normally humans being the biggest issue. But at night time, with species that rely on sight as their primary sense at a distinct disadvantage, it is those animals who can switch to their other senses that are the winners, like Dogs! They know we are about long before we can spot them, and their instinct as you pass the border of their lair through the darkness isnt...

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