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Message from Dean Karnazes . . .

Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Hero Of The Week, Running, Sponsorship and Donations, The Run Up | 0 comments

Got a lovely message from Dean Karnazes today, nice to have support from someone named by TIME magazine as one of the, “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World,” especially as training is beginning to hurt a little!   Dear Kath & Dave,  Best wishes on your incredible adventure. I am awe inspired and deeply impressed by what you are undertaking.  I am sure there will be untold difficulties, but also unexpected delights. Please be safe and enjoy every step of the way!  Charge on, Dean Karnazes San...

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Our two minute video explains it all . . . !

Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Sponsorship and Donations, The Run Up, YouTube Channel | 1 comment

Thanks to: Lucy Land for her wizardry in creating it, Experiments with Machines and Landscore Primary School for incredible sounds, and the extremely rare Giant River Otters for, well, just showing up at the right time…… If you cannot view the video here please follow this link to our YouTube Channel:...

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The mysterious art of running….

Posted by on May 25, 2012 in Running, Running Techniques, The Run Up | 2 comments

I like running. I haven’t always felt like this. There was the burning stitch during school cross country runs; triathlons of endless hills, followed by exhaustion in a swimming pool. Then when I was 17 and stressed with exams I started. First just around the field, then through the coppice, perhaps up the lane too? What about heading to the river? Before I knew it I was running for hours, following the tracks of deer, crunching in fallen leaves in the woods, crawling through frosted hedgerows; ankle deep in mud. I loved it, it became effortless. First my brain would chunter through study...

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Lights in the night

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Cold water swirled around my feet as I stood in the old kayak and paddled to the bank. Damp earth squeezed between my toes as I metronomically tied up the kayak and padded into a wall of darkness. The track was familiar to me now, even in its blackness. I had started to like the sensation of grit abrading my feet. At the beginning it was spiky and sore, now it was like pumice. I had been hunched over the computer for too long. I didn’t feel like running. The project circled relentlessly in my head. I forgot about the night; the complete darkness; the ground beneath my feet. A wire suddenly...

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Two Porches Join the Team

Posted by on May 21, 2012 in Birds, Conservation, Sponsorship and Donations, The Run Up | 0 comments

Ok, so they might not have shiny spoilers or alloy wheels, but our new, just released EL 32 SWAROVISION sponsored binoculars, are the racing car elites in the world of optics. And they’re about to get the test of their lives! Weighing in at a mere 580g, they effortlessly accelerate through our on-going concerns over kit weight.Couple this with Swarovski’s reputation for creating some of the finest optics in the world and our 50oo mile MegaTransect has just stepped onto the Formula 1 circuit. But why carry binoculars? Dave is the nose of our team. He can sniff out a badger or a...

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