Ok, so they might not have shiny spoilers or alloy wheels, but our new, just released EL 32 SWAROVISION sponsored binoculars, are the racing car elites in the world of optics. And they’re about to get the test of their lives!

Weighing in at a mere 580g, they effortlessly accelerate through our on-going concerns over kit weight.Couple this with Swarovski’s reputation for creating some of the finest optics in the world and our 50oo mile MegaTransect has just stepped onto the Formula 1 circuit.

But why carry binoculars?

Dave is the nose of our team. He can sniff out a badger or a musty seabird from deep under a boulder. I on the contrary have a large but ineffectual ‘honker’. A skunk has to virtually pirouette under it before I register its stinking scent. But I do possess a decent set of eyes.

On the world’s stage of sight, however, my Homo sapien vision is on a par with a mole. The true kings are birds of prey, with the likes of the peregrine falcon trouncing the competition with an incredible 7 mile spotting range.

With EL 32 SWAROVISION my eye sight will be magnified 10 times, so when the bat falcon explodes into view I can rapidly classify him and from the dark tree on the far river emerge a trail of leaf-cutter ants.

Swarovski also has a conservation remit,

For more than 60 years, Swarovski Optik has aimed to inspire and encourage people to treat Mother Nature with care and respect. At the end of the day, an intact natural environment is essential for humanity, and a richness of floral and faunal biodiversity a guarantee of unforgettable experiences and precious moments.” Mrs. Carina Schiestl-Swarovski – CEO Swarovski Optik.

Swarovski is currently supporting a range of conservation projects in countries including: Columbia, Nambia, Sweden, Russia and the Alps, with target species ranging from colourful pufflegs to sociable lapwings and black rhinos.



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