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Ok, so for those of you that know us, I’m not sure you would class us as athletes?! In fact David’s father verified that fact when we first mooted the idea of running the length of South America! But we do do distance. We have specialised in hurling ourselves up and down fells, mountains and valleys in and along the up-lands, lowlands and coastlines of Britain for a good 15 years and have competed in some crazy off-road races with the lean “dogs” of fell racing… But athlete or not, in the unnatural world of asphalt and broken beer bottles there is one item that we desperately...

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The Extraordinary World of Hummingbirds!

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I had never seen a hummingbird before we sailed to the Eastern Caribbean. Then suddenly, a tiny bundle of feathers darted through the shrubbery, with a flash of his emerald crown, incredible! So tiny, such rapid wing beats and decadent plumage. This first meeting was with an Antillian crested hummingbird. There are about 320 species of hummingbirds, but they are only found in the Americas. The tiniest species, the bee hummingbird, is found in the Caribbean in Cuba. This is the only place in the world where this little sparking bird is found. It is only about, smaller than my little...

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Tech Stuff: 1 – Getting the kit where we need it

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The following diagrams explains the kit drop strategy we hope has got the right gear in the right place for the different conditions we’ll face. Whilst the run is unsupported,  and wherever we can we buy locally, we have allowed ourselves to pre-position 5 replenishement packages which contain specific or technical items that we cannot source locally, we already possess so don’t want to re-buy, or items which have been provided by sponsors. With weight being a key limiting factor we simply cannot carry everthing for the tropical North all the way from the cold, deep South, on top...

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180 degree turn!

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After much deliberation, we’ve decided to turn the route on its head! So we’re going to plunge into Patagonian winter and in just over a month hit the most southerly continental point in South America and the world, Cabo Froward and start running the continent… The weather right now down there is a balmy -2°C and we can expect it to reach –5°C by tomorrow morning. Oh delightful! So instead of basking in the tropical sun on the Caribbean beach of Carύpano, Venezuela, we’re going to be blue, as an Antarctic southerly winds drives into our bones! Is this a new wave of insanity...

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Bamboo and Bike Tyres

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Bamboo, bamboo, Bam-bleedin-boo, everyone is going on about it as if it’s the latest saviour to improve out lives, you can build with it, wear it in clothes and sunglasses, join a society in its honour, roll around in it conducting your private life, and now even wipe your bum with it! But whats that got to do with us??! OK –bamboo is now en vogue in the West (even though in east they have been using it for all of time for construction), but as Kath and I edge ever nearer to the precipice of the startline for the 5000 mile project – what on earth would something that we knew as panda...

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