Tech Stuff: 1 – Getting the kit where we need it

The following diagrams explains the kit drop strategy we hope has got the right gear in the right place for the different conditions we’ll face. Whilst the run is unsupported,  and wherever we can we buy locally, we have allowed ourselves to pre-position 5 replenishement packages which contain specific or technical items that we cannot source locally, we already possess so don’t want to re-buy, or items which have been provided by sponsors. With weight being a key limiting factor we simply cannot carry everthing for the tropical North all the way from the cold, deep South, on top of all the classroom, survey and comms gear we must carry the whole way. One example of this is a type of carbon cartidge for our Life Saver System water filters, which we will want to renew, another is the MSR Dromedary 10L water bags which are life-critical in Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil but completely unneccesary in Chile where it rains a lot and the mountains spring with pure mineral water!

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