180 degree turn!

After much deliberation, we’ve decided to turn the route on its head! So we’re going to plunge into Patagonian winter and in just over a month hit the most southerly continental point in South America and the world, Cabo Froward and start running the continent…

The weather right now down there is a balmy -2°C and we can expect it to reach –5°C by tomorrow morning. Oh delightful! So instead of basking in the tropical sun on the Caribbean beach of Carύpano, Venezuela, we’re going to be blue, as an Antarctic southerly winds drives into our bones!

Is this a new wave of insanity striking Team Lowrie, you may ask?!

There are various difficulties about changing the route including the rainy season in the Amazon which could make our track tricky. The biggest driver, however, is security in Venezuela and Brazil; with current Presidential elections in Venezuela potentially creating heightened problems. We would prefer to get a significant portion of the challenge completed in countries we are more confident about  and then cross Amazona and Venezuela feeling more willing to part with belongings if forced.

So into the freezer here we come!


  1. Wooly jumpers and all, we’ll be watching with bated breath!

    • Huh! Thanks Ellen!! Woolly jumpers all the way! (Are you cracking up writing “woolly jumpers”??!!!) Just checking out some of Patagonia’s clothing for the last pieces of equipment we’ll need in the South. They’re eco philosophy is fantastic, they even have a “Product Footprint Info” bar for each item, so you can trace where they’re made and how! They’re also using recycled plastic bottles and clothes to make new classy numbers, rock on!!!

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