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A flying carpenter!

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Something odd is raining from the sky. Swords of sunlight are slicing through the canopy of ancient trees in Parque Pumalin, southern Chile. It cannot be rain. We squint into the mossy tops of the trees. Ferns and plants (the air plants) drape over the surfaces, scrambling for light and catching water and nutrients from the air. We can’t see anything, but every-now-and-then we’re splatted by pieces of bark and moss?! Suddenly a flash of a wing catches our eyes! It’s black and hammering at a dead branch. A female Magellanic woodpecker! We have never seen one before. Her dagger bill...

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The morning’s milk

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Every other day, a bottle of warm, fresh milk arrives on the river bank. David and I live on our old wooden boat, Lista Light, you see and for the past two and half months we have been anchored in a tributary of the Rio Plate, Uruguay, training and preparing for the 5000mileproject. The milk is from our neighbours. The south of Uruguay, especially the district we live in, Colonia, is an important dairy producing region. Many of the people whom we have met in Uruguay have British and Swiss ancestors and together they have introduced a taste for milk, including the production of familiar...

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