Worlds Wildest Road The Carretera Austral Completed

Finally we have arrived into Pto. Montt after more than 100 days on the road and having been the first people ever to have run the Carretera Austral in its entirety! We arrived in the central square the Plaza de Armas this morning and held an interview with TV station VTV.  This was really fun actually, punctuated by bad spanish no doubt! We talked about the long but striking route, and some of the incredible natural scenes we have been lucky enough to encounter -the plan being if local people can see our enthusiasm for the area then perhaps it will be a little contagious! The interviewer had a play in the trailer on the coast road before we headed North on the final few miles of our Chilean section – for a minute she looked as hough she may run off with it!

Press release can be found on our media page

With a class of 20+ kids in the morning  going through “Ecosystem Services” plus 17 miles run it turned out to be a bit of a full day.

Thanks to the Von Meyer family, Maria and Kathy, Mani, Alejandra and Ampura our new friends in Pto Varas for wrapping the day with such kind hospitality either side, we are indebted, thank you.

Well, plenty of sunshine and views over Volcan Osorno, we’d better run!

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