Our one week old son marches for the planet!

One week after his birth (on 21st September 2014)  Theo, our son was with us in Newcastle on a climate change march set up by his Father, David.

David with Theo
David with Theo

David stood up in front of over 350 people in the town centre and read out a letter ‘from Theo’,

” Hi, my name is Theo and although you probably don’t know me yet, I am citizen 7 billion, 221 million, 25 thousand and 989th on this planet. I was born last week.

I wanted to say, “Hi” and to let you know that it has only been a short while, but I love this planet as it is.

I know you may think that growth or GDP, economic stability and global competitiveness are what I need. But what I really need is: clean air, clean water, birds to look at, bats to eat insects, bees to pollinate, lovely clean beaches to play on and not too many freak weather events.

When I am my Dad’s age, we will be in the year 2050 and I hope you can keep global temperatures to less than 2′ C. hotter than today, no more, please!

If I am lucky than I will even live to see the year 2100! I can take on the batten long before that, but I just ask that you don’t destroy my beautiful planet before I have even grown up! Thank you!

Good Luck in New York, not a place I know yet, we are depending on you.


Theodore Lowrie
Theodore Lowrie

To see the coverage in the regional paper on the march and our expedition, click here.


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