For people interested in what the expedition kit list looks like there here it is, warts and all, and our current status in assembling it as of 1200 today. I had wanted to include a full listing of weights etc for real kit nerds but will do so once everything is finally assembled. Each gram counts enormously…. and every brand has been targetted because they provide the very best-of-breed gear in their field, and we thank them hugely for being involved.

Woops! An eagle eye will notice there are still a couple of key gaps – or areas where we have yet to receive funding with less than two months to go!! If you are somebody who can work with us to finance these requirements or you too provide sturdy, durable, portable kit then please, please do get in touch- we need YOU and we will WORK TIRELESSLY to make you value our partnership….

Kit List
  Transition Trainers Inov 8
  Barefoot/Soft shoes Vivobarefoot
  Gaitors Inov 8
  Rainproof breathable shell running jacket Berghaus
  Fleece Berghaus
  Gloves TBC
  Running tops Yew Clothing
  Socks Inov8
  Bra Boobydoo
  Underwear (chafe protection) TBC
  Buff  INOV8
  Running trousers TBC
  Running shorts TBC
  Cap Berghaus
  Visor TBC
  Lightweight warm waterproof hat Berghaus
  Light trousers (non-running) cotton Berghaus
  Light long sleaved shirt cotton TBC
  Lightweight down jacket for patagonia Berghaus
  waterproof over trousers Berghaus
  Lightweight tent TBC
  1-season sleeping bag
  3-season sleeping bag TBC
  Inflatable airmat Klymit X frame
  ExpeditionHammock TBC
  Water purification pump LIFESAVERSYS
  Water Pump filters LIFESAVERSYS
  Water Bags (dry weight) TBC
  Lightweight universal fuel cooker TBC
  Fuel bottle TBC
  Aluminium pan
  Eating utensil
  All weather lighting device
  Micro Expedition first aid kit TBC
  Blister pads TBC
  Zinc tape TBC
  Insect repellant
  Immunisations/mallarial prophelactics
  Other (misc)
  Ultra-light binoculars Swarovskki
  Quick drying towel
  Sunglasses TBC
  Water bottle
  Cheap watch TBC
  Animal Deterent spray
  GPS Watch
  Needle and thread
  Spanish mini-dictionary
  sun cream
  write in the rain notepad plus pencil
  High vis reflective strip TBC
  duck tape 1m
  Sponsors flag
  Dyneema string 5m TBC
  Wildlife guide TBC
  Pre-Post Expedition Transport TBC
  Shipping costs for stuff from UK /USA consolidators
  Hiking Trailer US
  Running Rucksack harness INOV8
  En route comms
  Mini Laptop  TBC
  Iridium Satphone
  Mobile Broadband  TBC
  Network charges  TBC
  Sat-mail address  TBC
  Domain name registration plus annual fee
  Maintenance TBC
  Mail Chimp service  TBC
  Ipadio phone blog Ipadio
  Audio Visual
  Compact camera  TBC
  Solar charger  Power Traveller
  Health Insurance  TBC
  Travel Insurance TBC

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