As you skip through the woods, fields or moorland or perhaps view the world from atop of a gnarly oak tree, do you ever wonder….

  • Where do animals hide during the day….?

  • Do animals follow paths, even motorways….?

  • What do they eat…..?

Why not become a WILDLIFE DETECTIVE and start sniffing, watching & feeling for Wild Signs, to find out who has passed by….?

???Look for hair stuck on barbed wire or brambles, examine the shape of burrows and abandoned nests, look at the prints in soft mud, where have animals marked their territories and in what different ways, do they return to the same place again and again, where and what has a predator last eaten………??

Each animal leaves a different calling card.  By searching for the signs, you will soon learn who is living in your neighbourhood, what they are doing and why they are doing it??!

CLICK HERE to watch a VIDEO from the depths of Patagonian Chile, for more clues on HOW TO BECOME A WILDLIFE DETECTIVE!!!!!?

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