The Independent Blog: Roast Armadillo- A Recipe for Extinction?

Salta Province, northern Argentina. Two children stand by the side of the road. A silver car with blackened windows drives passed. The girls wave something at it. The car continues, but suddenly grinds to a halt and reverses. Three portly men in white trousers and shades, step out of the car to inspect what they’re holding. One turns his back to urinate. The other two examine the coveted possession.

It’s a mammal, an armadillo. Specifically, the little, southern three-banded armadillo (Tolypeutes matacusis). The men are laughing and shouting, “Flaco, tan flaco”, “Thin, too thin”. Smiling and shaking their heads in mirth…. Click here to read more..

Three-banded Armadillo and its captor

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