Casting No Shadow & Running Faster than the Sun!!

The human "sundial", casting no shadow!

I have waited a long time for this day – the day the sun passed directly overhead!

Everyday, the sun passes in an arc from East to West (well, we spin really, but let´s take an earth-centric view of things!), no matter where we are in the world, excluding the very poles. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, North of 22.5 degrees, the Tropic of Cancer, then that arc will always be slightly to the South of you, and vice-versa for the South. If you live, or RUN, in between the Tropics, the sun will pass over your head twice a year. Today was that day, and the only time it will happen on our 6,500mile/10.400km run! 


On the 11th September with the sun’s declination (or angle from the equator) at 4 degrees, 16 minutes North, we ran right under it. I had to prove it by stopping running for a minute at midday and making myself as tall as possible, but casting no shadow!

Even more fascinating it that we are both going about the same speed, us running at 23 miles per day Northwards, and the Sun at 23 miles per day Southwards!

From now on the sun is on our back, and our noses will burn less!!!


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