So far we have run 3,300 miles from the temperate or cold zones in the deep South of South America, full of snow and penguins, through the dry and desertified zones of the sub-tropical belt in Argentina, where water was hard to find and the cactus grew in sandy soil, and today we are officially in the Tropics! But what does it really mean?

Watch this video to explain a little more… :


We passed the Tropic of Capricorn and are now between this line and the Tropic of Cancer line. Between the two lines the Equator, that is the middle belt of the Earth . . . and that is where we are running to next !!! 

From now on the sun can be North OR South of us, depending on the season  – Can you think why?

We´ll be sending updates from the tropics from now on so keep posted if you want to learn more about this incredibly biodiverse area of the world, full of amazing plants and animals! If you want to ask a question about what its like to live (and run!) in this area then please click here!!!

In the Tropics the weather, there is normally nothing like Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Instead, there is typically a wet season and a dry season. The number of hours of daylight is the same year-round, and it can be quite hot and humid, depending on the landscape, coastal influence and altitude. Tropical fruits can be grown in this area of the world . . . Which is your favourite tropical fruit?!!

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