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The Ecologist Magazine: Is there an alternative to this silent massacre?

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British Adventure Ecologists Katharine and David Lowrie ask whether there is an alternative to this silent massacre…… Two thousand and eight hundred miles; the equivalent of running between Lands End and John O’Groats three times! This is the distance my husband and I have now run through the continent of South America. And nearly every step of the way has been alongside wire fences; enclosing the sheep, cattle and goats that graze vast tracks of Chile’s and Argentina’s woodlands, grasslands and savannas. Before starting our 5000mileproject expedition to run the length of...

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Running into 1.7 million people!

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On Monday we arrived Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. A city of over 1.7 million people. It’s the biggest city of the expedition so far. And during the course of the 21 day run from the Argentinian border of Yacuiba to this sprawling city in the skirts of the Amazon basin, we are convinced we have met a good percentage of the city’s inhabitants! The road to the city surprised us; there was far less agriculture than we would have imagined. Instead, chaco, a type of scrubby, thorny, woodland that we had become familiar with; running through hundreds of miles of it in central and...

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