Our Home is Born.. well at least for a few months or so!

After nearly six years away from this sceptred isle, we finally have soil between our toes, with David having created a timber-framed lodge from scratch. This is partly due to our first home (Lista Light, our boat) having a new family and a mutual yearning to plant some trees, grow some vegetables and tend some chickens. David has designed and built everything within and without of the lodge, with wood sourced from local woodlands, exchanged for bird surveys or gathered from plantations when sailing. The only detail missing is its green roof, which awaits instating and our deciding upon where exactly we will settle, whether Devon, Northumberland, Scotland or somewhere else! We’re currently nestling under a hill on the edge of Dartmoor, but hope, before the year is up, to dismantle, then resurrect and anchor it upon our own piece of land/ woodland.

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