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5000 Mile Project in Photos, click the photos for high res images:


San Raphael, Argentina
Cabo Froward to the Caribbean Sea
San Raphael, Argentina









Mud, Bolivia
Riberalta, Bolivia
Catamarca, Argentina








Working by the roadside
Daily bird survey
Nature classes, Chile








Last light, Argentina
El Chaiten, Argentina








For further photos see photo galleries in our blog & 5000mileproject facebook page


5000 Mile Project in Film (click on the links below):




5000 Mile Project in AUDIO


[learn_more caption=”76 word 5000mileproject summary”] On 27th July 2012, David and Katharine embarked on the biggest challenge of their lives; to fulfil a dream expedition to run the length of South America, unsupported, in a year. The project is an immense physical and mental challenge, the equivalent of over 200 marathons back-to-back. The couple are highlighting the amazing biodiversity they encounter along the way and raising awareness and funds for environmental conservation through their feat.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”190 word 5000mileproject summary”] On 27 July 2012, as the Olympic gun resonated through the streets of London, Katharine & David Lowrie began their own Olympics. An epic journey to run the length of South America; over 5000 miles, the equivalent of over 200 marathons in a year, through some of the most awe inspiring and biologically rich ecosystems on earth. The Adventure Running couple are running unsupported, pulling equipment for camping, communications, science, food and water in a trailer they made from recycled materials. They intend to achieve a world first; first woman and first to run the continent unsupported. They update, facebook, twitter & youtube from the trail, as well as writing adventure-environmental articles for online newspapers & magazines. Schools and global communities are journeying vicariously with them; following the adventure, hazards and highlights, the challenges and choices; meeting the wildlife and people that shape the landscape they’re running through. “Humans evolved to run in wild places, yet we are becoming more and more removed from both the natural world and physical activity; leading to obesity, psychosis and environmental degradation. We hope that through sweat, tears and determination, we’ll open a portal into the last wilds of South America and rekindle people’s passion for running and our amazing natural world”, Katharine and David[/learn_more]

5000 Mile Project Running ROUTE

5000 Mile Project AIMs

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Words of support for 5000mileproject from HRS Prince of Wales, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Dean Karnazes, Kris Tompkins, Ed Smith & Marco Lambertini:

[learn_more caption=”HRH Prince of Wales”] Dear Katharine and David, “I am hugely impressed that you are undertaking such a gruelling and challenging 5,000 mile run for such a vitally important cause and I pray you will not have too many blisters, mosquito bites and other travel scars by the time you return from such an extraordinary marathon (…) I send you both my kindness good wishes and admiration”. HRH Prince of Wales[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Sir Ranulph Fiennes”] “The Lowries combine rare talents for study and education. By opting to explore and live their lives in a more natural world than most of us, they can usefully share experiences and stimulate young minds with their discoveries. Since I first met David and Katharine, I’ve been impressed by their commitment to inspire without preaching as well as their relevance and importance in an ever growing, commercially exploitative, world.” Sir Ranulph Fiennes [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Ed Smith, Chairman WWF-UK”] “Dave and Katharine’s fantastic journey across the South American continent on foot and travelling over 6,500 miles is a stunning example of dedication to showing the importance of conserving our ecosystems on this fragile planet. I am delighted to support their journey and hope that many thousands will be inspired by their stories,” Ed Smith, Chairman, WWF-UK [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Dean Karnazes, World Ultra Marathon Runner”] “Best wishes on your incredible adventure. I am awe inspired and deeply impressed by what you are undertaking. I am sure there will be untold difficulties, but also unexpected delights. Please be safe and enjoy every step of the way! Charge on.” Dean Karnazes , TIME magazine named Dean Karnazes as, ” One of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.” Men’s Fitness hailed him, “As one of the fittest men on the planet”.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Kris Tompkins, CEO Conservación Patagonia”] “What better way to represent the slow but steady and effective movement of the conservation and restoration movement than by running the entire length of South America by David and Katharine Lowrie. Not only do they pull their sled along with their things, but as they run north, they are also pulling a long thread of adults and school children alike whose understanding of the importance of living in balance with nature is awakened by the arrival of David and Katharine in their neighborhoods and communities. After all, how many cities, towns and villages have two people running into the plaza, staying a few days to meet community members then continue running north out of town? Their message is urgent and clear: Man’s relationship to nature, ecological health, is essential for a future thriving human society. When they reach Venezuela having begun at Cape Froward at the southern most point of the continent, they will have accomplished much, met thousands of people and left more of a mark on environmental education than simply appearing in the record books.” Kris Tompkins, CEO of Conservacion Patagonica[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Marco Lambertini, BirdLife CEO”] “Dear Katharine and David, in the prairies of Texas last week I was watching thousands of migratory birds heading south to avoid the hardship of the northern winter. It reminded me once again of the wonder of migration and made me appreciate your contribution to conservation through your epic journey across South America. The inspiration and support you provided to BirdLife Partner organisations like Armonia in Bolivia is greatly appreciated, especially at a time when we need to really pull together all our resources to counter the dramatic challenges migratory and resident birds face in a fast changing American continent. Thank you for your commitment and support, and congratulations on your incredible adventure.” Marco Lambertini, BirdLife CEO[/learn_more]

Feedback from Presentations: Katharine & David have presented at the Royal Geographic Society, to Universities, Colleges & Schools in South America & the UK

[learn_more caption=”John Davidson, Director of Alumni Relations, Exeter School, Devon”] Katharine and David are inspiring speakers who produce very interesting and relevant geography and ecology presentations. They draw on their wide and varied experience in South America and the Caribbean with the added fact that they have actually spent time in these regions studying the local fauna, flora and environment. Their talks are very well prepared and they can tailor them to a variety of age groups from years 5/6 to GCSE and A level.” Follow this link for further feedback: [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Gary Read, Headmaster, Landscore Primary School, Devon”] “Landscore has had a connection with Katherine and David for about seven years now and we have followed their progress around the globe with interest. We’ve always been impressed with, and slightly envious of, their seemingly fearless spirit of adventure and commitment to the natural world. We saw them last when they came to share the story of their amazing 5000 mile run. Their photographs of landscape, wildlife and mode of travel captivated and inspired the children. Katherine and David’s presentation certainly reinforced for us that we have a world worth saving”. [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Liam Murtagh Headteacher, Rothbury Middle, Northumberland”] “... They have run over 6000 miles and regaled our students with tales of this adventure. Their presentation was excellent. The whole school found these two intrepid explorers truly inspirational!” [/learn_more]

Reactions to Katharine and David’s Challenge:

“This sounds a fantastically mad and exciting escapade” Deputy Head of Mission,  British Embassy Caracas

“Well that’s quite an ambitious adventure, fraught with peril from health risks and crime risks. I hope you guys can make it!!!” Floyd Hayes, Seabird Scientist

“Oh my god, so have I understood correctly you’re gonna be running for a year? I’m in shock (….) I’m still in shock, I thought you couldn’t shock me anymore (….)  but this, well I’m speechless”. Karen Johnson, Yoga Coach

“Glad you’re undertaking a challenge, as clearly your round the world voyages were a bit of a walk in the park (….) Have you been watching Forrest Gump perchance?” Nic Holland, friend

“You are mad but totally inspiring!!!” Kes De Glanville, friend

“You both continue to be an inspiration to humankind. Thank you is not a strong enough word. Run on!” Dan Antell, friend

Press Releases y “Comunicados de Prensas”:


17 June 2013, “British Couple First in World to Run Length of Bolivia

November 2012, “First Pair in the World to Have Run The Carratera Austral, Chile

Le 9 de noviembre, “Una pareja de corredores aventureros presumiblemente la primera en correr la Carretera Austral de Chile”

27 June 2012, “One Month to Go: British couple launch epic bid to become first to run length of South America

Le 27 de junio 2012, “Comunicado de prensa” Press Release in Spanish

January 19 2012, “British Couple to Run 5000 miles for the wilds”


Katharine & David’s Blogs & Articles:


Regular blogs for The Independent, UK National Online Newspaper.

El blog regular del periódico Británico, “El Independent”, y otros blogs del pareja en español.

SoyMaratonista; Blogs in English & Spanish for this running website magazine.

The Ecologist magazine; Occasional blogs for this environmental online magazine.

Forked Magazine; “The Real Cost of Argentina’s soya boom“.

Patagon Journal;  “Running with Wildlife through Patagonia´s Frozen Lands.


In the News:


July 2014, “The Limits of Endurance”, Runner’s World

9 April 2014, “Inspirational People: How far are you prepared to go to save wildlife?” WorldLandTrust Spring Newsletter

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enero, 2013, “Pareja de británicos corren cinco mil milla por el medio ambiente diario digital

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noviembre 2012, “5000 mile project – 8000km corriendo descalzos por América del Sur, Cualquiera Puede Hacerlo

27 October, 2012, “Wildly Running Through South America, Tony Henderson,

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2012, Sculpt the Future Foundation Support the 5000mileproject

2012, Trangslobe Expedition Trust Support the 5000mileproject

2012, Bill Wallace Grant Support the 5000mileproject

2012, 5000mileproject Raises Funds for Conservacion Patagonica

Published Work Prior to 5000mileproject:


Lowrie, Lowrie and Collier, 2012, “Seabird Breeding Atlas of the Lesser Antilles” CreateSpace

Winter 2012, “Sailing to the Falklands”, Falklands Conservation, by Katharine Lowrie

17 May 2012, “When Green Meets Blue”, by Katharine Lowrie

9 September 2011, “Fear and Reward”, by Katharine Lowrie

25 November 2009, “Katharine Lowrie Sets Sail to Protect Wildlife”


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