Wildlife Moment Of The Week

Why did the Armadillo cross the road . . . . ?

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Armadillo. Its got a comical ring to it. It’s also a fitting name for a mammal with armoured plating protecting his little body and a range of other defences he deploys against the world of problems he faces. The fellow scuttles about with alarming pace amongst the overgrazed scrub of South America munching beetles, carrion and plants alike, and when alarmed, or presumably at other times when he is bored of all that scuttling about, he sits quite still and is completely indecipherable from the other dusty, round boulders that litter the plain. So what chance of seeing him? Actually he’s...

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The Independent Blog: running into Patagonia’s fantastically oblivious Mr Fox

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We’re over three weeks into our 5000 mile odyssey to run the length of South  America for its threatened wild areas. Our feet are gradually becoming used to the daily routine, if not yet responding with true athletic gusto! We awoke this morning in out tent… Please click here for the blog: http://blogs.independent.co.uk/2012/09/04/5000-project-running-into-patagonias-fantastically-oblivious-mr-fox/ Please do leave a comment if you enjoy reading it, thank...

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The Olympic Duck!

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Very excited! Today we saw a bird we have both been hoping to catch a glimpse of for ages…..a torrent duck! Or pato cortacorrientes here in Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina This little fellow has the stout tail of a cormorant and the finesse of the ‘bobbing waiter’; the European dipper. He has a striking white head and neck with saucy black streaks.  His “Senora” disappeared rapidly with a whirr of wing beats upstream, flicking the white-water torrents as she bombed past. Her retreating shape did, however, appear disappointingly brown. Determined to see more of...

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Quick Update: Hitting our heads against a wifi wall!

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Having problems connecting to wifi at the moment…sorry for the sloth-like email responses and updates. Basically we’re hitting our heads against the wall trying.. but not succeeding. On the road we had ice and snow; which froze everything including the pans, laptop, our fingers and well our brians… But the main problem now is internet access, as we have loads of news to share, photos, videos….just trying to figure out how on earth to get it out there in the next 24 hours! For the time being here is oa photo of our constant companions- in odour rather than sight,...

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A surprise visitor on a windy day in patagonia

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On the desolate and icy Ruta 9 from Morro Chico to Puerta Natales, Chile, traffic is hardly nose to tail. In fact since we set off this morning we have seen only a handful of 4×4´s and the odd bus lumbering past. They scrutinise us as we do them, nods and waves are exchanged but this is not the time for chit chat. The Patagonian wind is severe as it has been for the last seven days running, but thankfully today the blizzards are well contained in sporadic squalls.  We see the anvil shaped squalls from a distance and try to predict their course . . .ha! In reality, at our speed it´s...

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The Extraordinary World of Hummingbirds!

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I had never seen a hummingbird before we sailed to the Eastern Caribbean. Then suddenly, a tiny bundle of feathers darted through the shrubbery, with a flash of his emerald crown, incredible! So tiny, such rapid wing beats and decadent plumage. This first meeting was with an Antillian crested hummingbird. There are about 320 species of hummingbirds, but they are only found in the Americas. The tiniest species, the bee hummingbird, is found in the Caribbean in Cuba. This is the only place in the world where this little sparking bird is found. It is only about 5.5.cm, smaller than my little...

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