The Running Trailer

The latest . . . Mk III – Click here to read about the “trailer effect” of our unique invention who is the third and most vital member of out little team . . . .    At the start we couldn’t find something to carry all our gear whilst runnings, it simply didnt exist, so instead we made it. Constructed with recycled materials collected by the roadside, a local bamboo, and old rejected bike frames. Bound only by old bike/tractor innertubes we clean from the roadsides it is super strong and good for 85kg at least – and we are sure it will out run us!!! worth a trademark?

The second, Mk II – just a beefed up version of the first with axles supported either side. Completely flat and collapsable – but sadly, after 500 miles of service it simply could take no more of the dirt roads, tracking failed, axles broke.

The First, Mk I, incredibly light but sadly the loads turned out to be too heavy for the side mounted axles…