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Saving Orangutans

Posted by on Apr 30, 2020 in Big Toe Blog, Conservation | 0 comments

Asian rainforests in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia are being chopped down and burnt so that palm oil can be grown instead. This story book shows what happens when palm oil plantations replace rainforest This is a big problem. Those rainforests are ancient; some of the oldest rainforests on the planet. They are home to incredible tree species and plants. These trees and plants in turn support all kinds of amazing animals such as butterflies the size of plates, orangutans, rafflesia flowers, clouded leopards, rhinoceros hornbills, Sumatran tigers, Sumatran rhinoceros and Bornean...

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Saving 2 million acres of wilderness

Posted by on Nov 28, 2011 in Birds, Conservacion Patagonica, Conservation, Farming, Hero Of The Week, The Run Up | 0 comments

Since arriving in Chile in April 2011, we had heard a lot about one couple, Douglas and Kristine Tompkins. Together they have conserved over 2 million acres of wilderness in Chile and Argentina through their respective organisations; The Conservation Land Trust and Conservacion Patagonica, more than any other private individuals. Buying land, to solely conserve it, was previously unheard of in Chile. The conspiracy theories abounded. There were claims that they were setting up a new Zionist state, that they would claim Chilean borders or steal Chile’s water to sell it to Africa. It...

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