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Headline Sponsor for the 5000 Mile Project Unveiled!!!!!

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In an eagerly awaited press release this morning, after their recent blow of failing to land Saucony as their headline sponsor for the 5000mileproject the Lowries proudly unveiled their latest (and only) outdoor apparel sponsor amidst a celebrity-studded gala. Working between the press packs and gliterazzi, a veritable who’s who of popular media and sporting folklore, the demure, bedazzled couple gingerly took to the stage to address the assembled masses. As a caucophony of nikon D4 camera clicks intensified and the din of Europa reached a soaring crescendo the couple cast off their old...

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The Sooties

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They glide in a constant stream passed the boat. Hundreds, thousands amass, reconfigure and disperse in sinuous effortless gyrating eddies. Like a heat haze, but the air is chill. The light is waning. The mountains are receding. Golden strands finger through the silver clouds. And still they come. Like a scene from Hitchcock’s, ‘The Birds’. But these birds are silent. Sooty shearwaters. We count over 4000 individuals. Such fecund wildlife is becoming every day parlance in these mysterious Chilean channels. Yet these shearwaters are the kings. They reside in the mighty albatross and...

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