Independent Blog: To the end of the earth, in the footsteps of pumas and the lost people of Magellan

5000 mile project: To the end of the earth, in the footsteps of puma & the lost people of Magellan By Katharine and David Lowrie Notebook, Sport Thursday, 9 August 2012 at 10:05 am These first few days of our year-long 5000 mile project run of South America represent some of the most remote and …

Update: arrival into Puerto Natales

11 Days, following miles per day: 10,14,10,17,18,12,23,13,16,20,14, 70kg trailer with food, no days off, last 7 days snow/blizzard every day. 1 litre fuel. No shower. Not the gentle warm up we were planning!! Feet slowly recouperating in Pto Natales.  

El héroe de la semana: “Homosapien Uruguayanera”

La calidez del “Homosapien Uruguayanera” es extraordinaria. Nuestros maravillosos “abuelos” Primavera y Angelito que viven cerca del río y cuya granja atravesamos todos los días, nos reciben junto a su fogón para charlar, comer y mirar telenovelas brasileñas por televisión. También están Mercedes y Rubén que

Naked river crossings in winter wonderland epic quest to find the start line

  I am writing this blog from my fingertips in the warmth and safety of a pitstop in a B&B, but in reality it was etched in my memory 4 days before. I am in the back of a 4×4 pickup being whisked along in the dark with the Magellan Straights to my left, my …