The Independent Blog: A stitch in time for the Ozone Hole, a cause for celebration?

As I wake up inside our puffy down-feather sleeping bag, the body aches from running a marathon yesterday and the mind aches with the reality that Katharine, my fellow adventure runner and I will do it again today and tomorrow too. We are running the length of South America in a year, hauling our trailer as we run to raise awareness of the threatened wild places and wildlife here.

Our bodies need more rest, but whether or not we deserve it is irrelevant, we have to get out and take down our expedition tent. I have the voice of Petra Hilleberg our tent manufacturer ringing in my ears, “Be careful with the sun in the deep south of South America, the UV rays down there are really strong and are the only thing that will destroy the tent!” Until we… To read more please click here.. 

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