The Independent Blog: Stop Bugging Me! Or is it time to reconsider our relationship with insects?

Buzzing in your ear, crawling over your skin, coiled in your boot or lying drunken in a woozy cloud of rotten apples. It takes a particular personality to appreciate the virtues of our six and eight-legged neighbours.

Invertebrates; the be-fanged, haired, spiked or suckered beasties, are the making of horror films and the base of a multi-million pound extermination industry. Between 2006 and 2007, for example the equivalent of £6,940,276,000 of insecticides was poured over crops around the world (EPA, 2011).

But in the natural world everything has a purpose. We may delight in ridding these “nasties” from our lives but if one takes a little time to regard their antics, it soon becomes abundantly clear how dependent we are on this most unlikely of workforces.

Proximity to invertebrates has become…  please click here to read more!

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