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The Independent Blog: New fencing plan threatens wildlife. Is there is an alternative to this silent massacre?

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Two thousand and eight hundred miles; the equivalent of running between Lands End and John O’Groats three times! This is the distance my husband and I have now run through the continent of South America. And nearly every step of the way has been alongside wire fences; enclosing the sheep, cattle and goats that graze vast tracks of Chile’s and Argentina’s woodlands, grasslands and savannas. Before starting our 5000mileproject expedition to run the length of South America, neither of us had considered the impact that fences would have on our daily lives and the wildlife and wild places...

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“One shoe” episode and the latest news and thoughts from Tucuman

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We’ve finally reached the city of San Miguel de Tucuman. We’ve been dreaming of reaching it for months, because it’s past the fold on our map! It means we are inching our way closer and closer to Bolivia and all things north- hooray! A few thoughts and news, including the latest “one-shoe episode”: We gave a TV interview for Canal 5 in Concepcion, Tucuman Province. Was fine- although we really are glutens for punishment, chatting in Spanish live….. Just before we were about to head off on the next running stretch, I realized that my Vivobarefoot Running...

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Problemon, wet wipes are out!

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Click here to find a “recipe” for homemade 100% ecofriendly wetwipes!! Good for a tight budget, too! Since we left San Carlos de Bariloche, approximately 1,200 miles away, we have passed less than a handful of rivers on our route – it’s incredibly dry this side of the Andes mountain range, living in the world’s biggest rain-shadow! When we are lucky enough to pass a river that actually contains water in it, often it is adorned with the label “Rio Salado” or salt river. The heavily silt and salt-laden waters forge their way to the sea, but they...

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Living by the side of the road came to a head the other night……..!

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It started in the morning with our collecting water from a policeman. He advised us that there was a structure about 10 miles away where we could take shelter for the night. We should have known better than to: A. Trust anyone on distances- a matter of 1 extra mile, let alone 5 additional miles is a matter of sever sense of humour failure after 20 long sweaty miles. or B. to actively seek human shelter- in the past this has led to mice and dog “attacks” and the shelter itself turning into a giant acoustic traffic drum. Not having learnt and undeterred, we trotted on a full 23 miles...

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“The Ecologist Magazine”: Running into the Grassland Queen of Patagonia

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People around the world acknowledge the importance of forests and trees to humankind and the survival of our planet. But grasslands; the wind-torn steppe of South America or rolling prairies of Northern America; surely these do not score highly in the global index of priority conservation habitats? Wrong. This diminutive habitat is in fact an important agent for carbon sequestration and provides crucial habitat to large herbivores, top predators and a plethora of species; many of whose populations are threatened. For nearly twenty years, Kristine McDivitt Tompkins and her husband Douglas...

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