Saving macaws, anteaters and the other weird and wonderful wildlife of South America!

Help us protect some of the last remaining wildlands in Bolivia, home to macaws, jaguars and anteaters..

During the coming months of the expedition, we’ll be running 20 miles per day in a bid to secure over 5000 GBP for BirdLife International and their partner Armonía, who are working to protect critically endangered species and habitats.

We have met with both charities and are excited to be raising money towards their fantastic work; conserving wildlife and their habitats in South America.

We´re specifically raising money for two projects instrumental to the restoration of Endangered Critical Ecosystem Habitats and Endangered Species:

  1.  Reforestation of the Red-fronted Macaw Reserve, Cochabamba, Bolivia.

This species is critically endangered- with less than 1000 individuals remaining in the world. The reserve includes important cliffs where the macaws breed and the project involves the planting of trees to stabilise the degraded soils, provide nectar for the local community´s honey production and most importantly shelter and food for the birds. Local schools are participating in the project, helping to plant and protect the trees and learning more about their emblematic macaw through an environmental text book about the species, created by Armonia.

Red-fronted Macaws, Bolivia

2. Expanding the Barba Azul Nature Reserve, Beni, Bolivia

The “Barba Azul” or  blue-throated macaw, is critically endangered and unfortunately the Beni Savannah in which it lives is also an Endangered Critical Ecosystem, due to hundreds of years of logging, hunting and cattle ranching.

This project intends to expand the  existing  11,530 acres of tall-grass Beni Savannah reserve by  8,000 acres to further safeguard the blue-throated macaws and other species which depend upon this vital habitat, including: maned wolf, giant anteater, jaguar, puma and black howler monkey.

Blue-throated Macaws, Bolivia

We will be running passed both the projects  in the coming weeks, to check on their progress and report on the latest news and developments.

It would be fantastic if you could sponsor our run through supporting the fantastic work our charities are doing in conserving these threatened species and habitats.

To DONATE please click here.  

We are hugely grateful for whatever you can spare- THANK YOU!!!

The curious and wonderful Maned Wolf, Bolivia
Giant Anteater, Bolivia

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