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Running into the arms of calm tranquility..

Posted by on Sep 30, 2013 in Hero Of The Week, Running, Survival | 2 comments

Imagine,  running through some of the shadiest, crime-ridden towns you could ever envisage. Your heart´s beating, your eyes are straining, your feet won´t power quick enough, waiting for the moment…. But somehow you get through…to the other side and you find extraordinary people. In a country with a reputation of violence and crime you find the greatest warmth you could ever imagine. A van screams to a holt and instead of a gun, two warm egg sandwiches are planted in our hands. A car stops behind and 200 Bolivianos appear through the window (a meal for us both). A woman...

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Running the Gauntlet through Venezuela´s own “Dusk-´till Dawn”..

Posted by on Sep 28, 2013 in Running, Survival | 0 comments

Eyes follow us. Two gold-chained teenagers smirk. A black-maned woman beckons to us, her son screams over and over, “Here come the Britanicos”. We wince under his megaphone words and hide in a shred of dark shade under a sign, hanging, just, by one rusted nail. What have we done? Welcome to KM 88, the town that everyone warned us would be the start of the “fire-pit” of Venezuela. I never thought it could be this grim. It’s like walking into the set of “Dusk-’till Dawn”, with every character spotting the glaringly obvious and wet-behind-the-ears...

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DoNation Campaign Week 1 Winner Announced & Offering Week 2 prize!

Posted by on Sep 16, 2013 in Sponsorship and Donations | 0 comments

We launched our Do-Nation campaign recently and we have had a good start with pledges totally 907kg of CO2 being saved from entering the atmosphere – THANK YOU!!! WEEK 1 WINNER ANNOUNCED We have worked with one of our sponsors, Berghaus, to add even more incentive to taking part, and we are delighted to announce that drawn at random from a bowl of serviettes in a Venezuelan cafe, our week one winner is Vicky L!! A mesh race cap or 20GBP voucher coming your way! Vicky has pledged to carshare – a great way to save C02, money,and in her case, endure 45mins a day with her husband!...

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Q. What is the craziest animal you have ever seen?

Posted by on Sep 15, 2013 in Big Toe Blog, Mammals, Questions, Wildlife Moment Of The Week | 0 comments

Thanks Master Elithorn from Farnham for that question! Well, it´s good timing too, because we were running through Brazil the other day and what we saw blew our minds!!! A Giant Anteater! They live in all sorts of habitats but  in many places they are not doing well at the moment. It is easiest to find them in savanna which is a habitat that has long grasses and some gnarly trees. They are such a crazy creature, check out his nose!!  Why not watch the video . . .then we have a question for YOU! Can you think what he normally eats (HINT: often the common name of an animal givs away lots of...

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Casting No Shadow & Running Faster than the Sun!!

Posted by on Sep 14, 2013 in Big Toe Blog, Photos, Running | 0 comments

I have waited a long time for this day – the day the sun passed directly overhead! Everyday, the sun passes in an arc from East to West (well, we spin really, but let´s take an earth-centric view of things!), no matter where we are in the world, excluding the very poles. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, North of 22.5 degrees, the Tropic of Cancer, then that arc will always be slightly to the South of you, and vice-versa for the South. If you live, or RUN, in between the Tropics, the sun will pass over your head twice a year. Today was that day, and the only time it will happen...

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