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Ground to a Halt Again……!

Posted by on Sep 16, 2012 in Running | 3 comments

Ugggg, we’ve had to stop running again! After exactly one week of buses and waiting for buses; transiting from Argentina to reach the mountain we could see across the border in Chile, but were not permitted to traverse, we arrived on Thursday into Villa O’Higgins. This 900-odd-person-strong community is at the end of the western seaboard road in Chile, or the start of the Carretera Austral. After tumbling out of the bus at 1530 we spent the next 3 hours constructing the flat packed trailer in the village green- lots of interest (mainly from passing school children) as you can...

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The Bolivia Logistical Problem – Help Please?!

Posted by on Sep 16, 2012 in Birdlife International, Running | 1 comment

We have a problem in Bolivia, but it some ways it is a wonderful problem. Through our research to date it seems that we may have difficulty finding a route from Santa Cruz (where we must visit to see our charity Birdlife International’s partner Armonia whom we are seeking to raise money for) to Guajara-Marim at the border with Brazil. The road does not appear to run through without a massive 1000km de-tour to the West. Good for the area because it means less development with which comes human pressure, bad for us as we are already seeking to run a huge distance! The waterways provide...

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