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Re-wilding of Valle Chacabuco

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In just one morning, whilst heading out with Luigi to place a puma camera we recorded all these wonderful species  in Valle Chacabuco, Chile. Until 2004, the 78,000 ha estancia was being grazed to destruction by thousands of cattle and sheep. Conservacion Patagonica, our charity, is now restoring the area and native wildlife and plants are slowly returning. It’s wonderful to be here and hear from the gauchos how the landscape is gradually re-wilding. If you’d like to make a donation to our cause please click here- we so appreciate it!!  The grand total: 30 birds and 1 mammal...

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We can talk to birds, really!

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Watch the 1 minute video below as I try it out – its true!! I had never though it would be possible to speak to a bird but wildlife legend Sir David Attenborough shows us what is possible on a short video clip at our friends at Conservacion Patagonica. With this fresh in my mind, whilst running with our trailer through a forested area of Southern Chile, we were interrupted by three Magellanic woodpeckers noisily passing through. Clutching two rocks I sunk to my ankles in the boggy forest and found a nice standing hollow trunk to tap. I thought I’d try what David showed me, and...

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