In just one morning, whilst heading out with Luigi to place a puma camera we recorded all these wonderful species  in Valle Chacabuco, Chile. Until 2004, the 78,000 ha estancia was being grazed to destruction by thousands of cattle and sheep. Conservacion Patagonica, our charity, is now restoring the area and native wildlife and plants are slowly returning. It’s wonderful to be here and hear from the gauchos how the landscape is gradually re-wilding.

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The grand total: 30 birds and 1 mammal (unfortunately the mountain vizcachas were still sleeping!!)… next time!!

white-tufted grebe pimpollo
black-faced ibis bandurria
black-necked swan cisne de cuello negro
ashy-headed goose canquen
upland goose caiquen
yellow-billed pintail pato jergon grande
speckled teal pato jergon chico
chiloe wigeon pato real
black-chested buzzard eagle aquila
cinereous harrier vari
southern caracara carancha
chimango caracara tiuque
American kestrel cernicalo
white-winged coot tagua chica
Southern lapwing queltehue
South American snipe becacina
eared dove to’rtola
Austral pygmy owl chuncho
dark-bellied cinclodes churrete
Austral negrito colegial
fire-eyed diucon diuco’n
chilean swallow golondrina chilena
grass wren chercan de las vegas
rufous-tailed plantcutter rara
Austral thrush zorzal
correndera pipit cachirl comu
Austral blackbird tordo
long-tailed meadowlark loica
common diuca-finch diuca
rufous-collared sparrow chincol
guanaco guanaco

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