Bureaucratic problem brewing

quick update from the satphone – we are at the junction between two roads, one leads directly on our chosen route, a neat road that leads to a path through a velley into chile and a boat awaits us to cross lago o’higens on the 8th September. The other involves a 800km workaround through Argentina joining Chile much further North. Despite best attempts we cannot get confirmation from the immigration police in Argentina whether or not they will let us pass, the frontier is allegedly closed for winter even though they are there manning it! The Chilean immigratio police have given us a green light. So, do we gamble by running west 160km to meet with the police and plead our case in person, and risk having to split the route (and trailer!) by taking a bus back and around? or do we go for the safe option which guarantees a continuous passage but misses part of our chosen route through the eceosystes we are trying to raise awareness of?

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