its going to be hard to leave here . . .

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just sat in a deserted gauchos wooden hut where we slept last night. Its howling with wind and rain outside, a stark contrast to yesterdays pure sunshine and blue skies, and we have another 20 miles to cover on the dirt road, albeit it through some of the most majestic and unspoilt territory on earth. He was kind enough to leave a half barrel cut into a woodburning stove plus plenty of dry wood so we had a lovely fire last night and slept on his four planks. Its all consrtucted into the side of a massive fallen tree, very lovely. Going to be hard to prise ourselves out of here this morning with hot water on the stove, little ocre Hued-hueds calling outside, waterfall nearby and a few trunks arranged around a slive of wood rigged up as a table, perfect for the laptop work!

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