Depression and Woes Under the Moon

  • Two sore ankles, two sore knees, one sore hip, the other ones are just sore at night, one sore back, tingling Achilles and fingers, two sore heads. What kind of animal does that make us? Hmm.
  • Arrived into Cochrane yesterday afternoon. Found a campsite. Tapped until the cockerels decided to chat (school presentation imminent). They started at 12am- and then the snipe started whirring his tail feathers above us, I ask you?! Ice on keyboard. Must not repeat this; she says tapping into frosty night….
  • Couldn’t sleep. Couldn’t Stop thinking: Are we having any traction? Will we raise any money for our two amazing charities? Very little response from the newsletter. Are people bored? Was it just far too long? Perhaps it would have been better in paper form to use as bog roll/fire starters? Then there are the emails that need to be written…..
  • A couple of hours later on laptop again in shed. Both feeling haggard and miserable.. arguing about presentation.
  • Bunch of bruising emails await: apparently people only want twitter sized information- newsletter indeed too long; our Spanish on facebook is Spanglish… ugh, thought we were improving!! I want to cry (and do).
  • Tomorrow we run north to Conservacion Patagonica’s HQ, Valla Chacabuco, where they are restoring a huge area of Patagonian Steppe, but we have very few funds for them so far.
  • Finally a Ray of Light: Presentation was wicked, students were excited and knew heaps; with one group winning 15/20 for the wildlife identification quiz. They also knew about threats to the natural world and had ideas for solving them…
  • We will toughen up tomorrow.. Just having a weak moment…..

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